A living example of the church in its most potent form

While many churches talk about discerning calling and engaging in mission, very few are structured to make this their ministry focus. Underground Church is a new vision for the church rooted in its biblical mission to share the love of God and serve the poor. 


A Smaller Way

Most churches are small, and rightly so. With power being redistributed in our time, networks of smaller enterprises are both growing and thriving. The yearning for participation and empowerment has us all looking for versions of church that make room for everyone. This book is a guide to understanding, appreciating, and if you are up for it, starting a microchurch.

The Networked Church

7 Critical Shifts for Moving Beyond Mega and Multisite

In a partnership with Exponential, we wanted to give a taste of the book, Underground Church's ideas through a free eBook explores one of it's chapters, uncovering seven shifts (or changes) that the church needs to consider in the pursuit of its liberation in our time. These seven shifts are both predictive and descriptive, as our community has imperfectly tried to embody and demonstrate their veracity.

The Future is Now

Three reasons to be hopeful about the future of the church.

Few people would see churches as especially fluid, responsive or adaptive. But when you pan out, even just a bit, you see something quite different. Here are a few reasons to be hopeful (even rejoice?); a few ways in which the changes being forced upon us may actually be changes that could magnify the work God is doing our age.

The Church As Network

Video series considering 7 changes and foundations to building a new kind of church

We are in the twilight of mechanisms like command/control leadership, narrow/restrictive vision statements, and homogeneous communities. To build a new kind of church in a networked world we have to understand the elements that make up networks and how to employ them for the formation of the church.

Mission Disco

A Podcast by Praxis

Discovering, celebrating and inviting people into the courageous and beautiful life of mission in Ireland. We believe mission should be in the hearts and hands of every ordinary Christian. Mission Disco is a podcast conversation about imagination, innovation and Christian mission in Ireland and beyond.

The Age of the Artist

Mission is art. Prayer is art. Community is art. And these are the keys to reviving the church. 

If business gave the church ideas that helped us to navigate and lead in an industrial and then in a consumer age, the artist will give us the ideas to help us understand the current creative age.

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