Discover Your Church's Missional Readiness

Your scores reflect the following continuum of missional readiness. It is a reflection of the environment created through all aspects of the church.

Mission Averse

Mission Indifferent/Neutral

Mission Conducive

Mission Rewarding


Wondering if your church ready for the shift to a more missional operating system?

We can help. 

It has been said, “It is not that the church has been given a mission but that the mission of God has been given a church.” In a very real sense, the church exists because God is still passionate and committed to seeking and saving the lost, serving the poor and seeing his Kingdom reign established in the earth. Because God has a mission in the world, he wills for his people to collaborate together toward that purpose. To imagine the church as a missionless enterprise is to hold in our minds something less than the church Jesus imagined. 


When we think about church renewal we do not mean adding some people or invigorating the existing programs, we are imagining something more drastic. We are convinced that the renewal of the church will be connected to the recovery of mission.  It is fast becoming clear that what was once fruitful in our church, life and work is less and less meaningful to the people we hope to love, serve and reach. Further, those programs and patterns are no longer delivering the kingdom of God into the places we are called.


In our experience with change management, every organization has an immune system that is invariably resistant to new ideas, at times attacking them as threats to the system. The introduction of mission systems into an existing church simply might not work. It depends on the openness of the church system.

For that reason we have developed an 8 system analysis of your church to help you discern how ready your community would be for the introduction of mission as a new operating system. The basic question we pursue is this: How hospitable is the church's ecology to this desired change? We are trying to discern with you what we call Missional Readiness. In general we are working with a continuum which includes a declining hospitality from mission rewarding to mission averse.


Order the MRA Lite Survey, engaging our team


Receive contact from our team to work together to compile the survey participants and to customize the survey to your church.


You deliver the segmented list of survey participants


We give you a sample letter to send in advance of the survey to prepare your people for this short but vital investment in the life and future of the church


We administer the confidential survey with our proprietary 8 system assessment tool. 


We collect and compile the data, calculating your score.


We generate a report on your data, including your overall MRA Lite Score and a subscore for all 8 categories. 


We deliver recommendations (based on your score) about how you might move forward with your missional plans. 

The MRA Lite Process