We offer a thorough analysis via our consulting services, through which we collect and analyze data (both subjective and objective) and give you a Readiness Score. If you are interested in the full missional readiness assessment, contact us here. But knowing that many churches do not have the resources to hire us for that kind of exhaustive research we have developed our MRA Lite, which is a guided survey that we offer to you and your people, mining their perception of your church in the 8 key areas.

We then generate an MRA Lite report where you will see an overall readiness score as well as a score for each of the 8 areas; leadership, communication, culture, infrastructure, resources, governance, history and heart.

The scores reflect a continuum of missional readiness which is a reflection of the environment created through these aspects of the church.

This Missional Readiness Assessment is a consolidated version of the an depth consulting options on our main page. If you feel that your church could use a more in depth look into each of these 8 categories towards missional change, let us know.